ACM is pleased to announce that we will be sending a team to partner with Sports Fan Outreach International for the 2021 Kentucky Derby Outreach event.  We will have the opportunity to share the Gospel with more than 150,000 people over 4 days!

Over 150,000 fans will be in attendance. What an opportunity to make Christ’s name known among them!

We are humbly seeking your support for a missionary trip to minister to the crowds attending the 2019 Kentucky Derby, April 30-May 2, 2021. Our goal is to raise $500 by mid-April.  That amount will fully fund the trip for our team.

The funds will be used for missionary costs including travel, transportation, meals, supplies, and incidentals.  For clarity, this trip will focus on the lost fans attending the race, none of our team will be actually attending the race inside.

Due to time constraints, prices fluctuate and rise the closer the event gets.  Our goal is to secure the $500 in funding by mid-April.

In missions, there are two ministries, those who are called to go down into the well and those who hold the rope.  It’s our prayer that you would be willing to hold the rope for us as we go into the well to reach thousands with the Good News of the Gospel.

If you are unable to donate, we would still appreciate your prayers.  Regardless of the number of funds raised, without the power of the Holy Spirit as a result of intercessory prayer, one can do nothing by his own power.

May God bless and keep you!

ACM Team

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Footage from 2018 Kentucky Derby