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Jaycen Saab
Jaycen SaabFounder & Evangelist
Raised Roman Catholic, Jaycen did not arrive at true saving faith until his adult years. After chasing the world and it’s offerings, God brought him to salvation during the death of a loved one. He has a burden for the lost and false converts and desires to herald the Gospel anywhere a crowd may be. When not on the streets, he enjoys the privilege of filling in the pulpit doing itinerant preaching. He’s married with 4 children who join him sometimes for evangelism. He enjoys spending time with his wife and family.
Adam Felder
Adam FelderEvangelist
Adam is a sinner, saved by grace. As a husband and a dad of two he desires to glorify God as he leads his family to know and grow in the Lord. He has a heart for evangelism, especially the opportunity to entreat unbelievers in the open air as well as through 1-1 conversations. He loves to think deeply on the truths of scripture, make the connection of those truths to daily life, then preach or write about them to exhort and encourage others. Adam also loves to relax with family and friends, fish as often as possible, and eat meat in all of its wonderful varieties.
Andy Schmelzer
Andy SchmelzerEvangelist
Andy grew up Catholic and knew something was missing at a young age. After getting in trouble for asking questions about Christianity, God still put it on his heart to know Him more.

After hearing an “ask Jesus in your heart” message Andy thought he was saved. He didn’t get soundly saved until his 30’s and since then came across Biblical evangelism through Living Waters Ministry and the “What was missing from Catholicism?” was made clear and now has a passion to seek and save that which is lost.

Dylan Sheldon
Dylan SheldonVideo Producer & Media Design
Dylan loves Jesus, His church, and desires to submit to the authority of scripture in every area of life. He is the beneficiary of a beautiful, God-fearing wife, a loving family, and the council of many godly men, all by the grace of God. He enjoys reading about the lives of martyred saints, pondering the great truths of scripture, and discovering the endless implications they reveal for God’s people. The Lord has given him a passion for videography and design. Dylan believes that when good design and biblical truth are leveraged for the gospel, God is most glorified.