SERMON – An Inconvenient Truth

With tragedies and death all around, it's helpful to return to the Scriptures for guidance in times such as these. Our

SERMON – An Inconvenient Truth2021-02-23T13:06:15-05:00

Sermon: Out of Order

LIFEBUILDERS FELLOWSHIP, WV – If asked, many professing Christians would confirm that you must believe before you can be born again.

Sermon: Out of Order2019-05-13T07:43:19-04:00

Sermon: Impostor

LIFEBUILDERS FELLOWSHIP, WV – What are the characteristics of a true believer vs. a false convert? How can John tell us

Sermon: Impostor2019-04-15T09:06:10-04:00

Sermon: God’s Unfailing Love

PROVIDENCE BAPTIST CHURCH, VA – Walking through Romans 8:31-39 for the Evening Service at Providence Baptist Church on Feb 3, 2019. Text:

Sermon: God’s Unfailing Love2019-02-27T00:21:52-05:00

Sermon: God’s Womb, Man’s Tomb

LIFE BUILDERS FELLOWSHIP CHURCH – Abortion is our modern-day holocaust. With millions of babies murdered to date, the church has not

Sermon: God’s Womb, Man’s Tomb2019-02-13T09:07:04-05:00

Sermon: When Confidence Fails

LIFE BUILDERS FELLOWSHIP CHURCH - Everyday believers and non-believers alike live as if they have the answers to life's complexities and

Sermon: When Confidence Fails2018-08-31T08:56:55-04:00

Sermon: No Peace with Rome

UNION BAPTIST CHURCH - Many Christians assume there's no difference between them and our Roman Catholic friends. However, when we look

Sermon: No Peace with Rome2017-11-02T09:49:19-04:00

Sermon: In God We Trust

WEST WARREN BAPTIST CHURCH - While the phrase “In God We Trust” may conjure up patriotic-like thoughts, it is a denial of

Sermon: In God We Trust2017-07-13T00:06:38-04:00

Sermon: Look to Christ

WEST WARREN BAPTIST CHURCH - Where does one look for assurance of faith in Christ?  How can we avoid shifting our focus

Sermon: Look to Christ2017-07-15T22:31:40-04:00
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