Christian Street Preachers Acquitted

BRISTOL, ENGLAND - On July 6, 2016, yet another modern-day example of persecution towards those who proclaim the Gospel of Christ

Christian Street Preachers Acquitted2017-07-22T11:33:26-04:00

No I in We

I’ll be 40 this year.  I’ve been a Christian for about 3 ½ of those decades during which I’ve had the weighty

No I in We2017-07-17T11:33:08-04:00

Sermon: In God We Trust

WEST WARREN BAPTIST CHURCH - While the phrase “In God We Trust” may conjure up patriotic-like thoughts, it is a denial of

Sermon: In God We Trust2017-07-13T00:06:38-04:00

Open Air: Update 7/3/17 at Glen Elk

CLARKSBURG - God blessed our time in Glen Elk again this past Monday.  We had the opportunity to meet a family member of

Open Air: Update 7/3/17 at Glen Elk2017-07-09T21:53:58-04:00
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