ACM Group Prayerstand

The Prayer Stand acting as a beacon of hope.

CLARKSBURG, WV – Monday evenings are proving fruitful as the lost and down-trodden continue to come for prayer and conversation.  What a joy it is to labor alongslide like-minded brothers with one goal, to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ go forth.

A Rescue Sign

Adam runs the prayer stand.  If you have never used one, I highly encourage you check them out (visit site).  It is a natural attractant in any environment.  For us in this application, it is a sign of “rescue” or “hope”.  Many we minister to are in the trenches of life and have been given up on by those closest to them, including the local church. When they see the big, red “PRAYER” banner it is a beacon to them like a flame to a moth.

Additionally, it creates space for your resources.  One frustrating aspect of street ministry is when the weather does not cooperate and the wind carries your Gospel tracts.  The Prayer Stand has a rack that goes 360 degrees around the lower half that holds your tracts securely.

Letting Go

Adam on Prayer Stand

Adam ministering to a couple at the prayer stand

When I arrived, Adam was already into a conversation with a couple.  As Adam walked them through the Gospel message, he asked the fellow there if he did believe (as he claimed) in the Gospel message he had heard, what was stopping him from giving in to Christ.  His response was honest, yet heartbreaking.  He openly stated he wasn’t ready to relinquish his will – that there were things in his life that he wasn’t ready to let go of.

When ministering, this is a response you will hear sometimes from folks.  A great reply that I have learned that will put it back on them is to ask which of the things they are holding on to in this life are worth spending an eternity in hell for?  What is so dear in this life that will eventually turn to dust that is worth them having an eternal tragedy.  I also like to remind them that eternity is a long time to be wrong.

Many of this mindset are under the delusion that they will be able to make their case before God on the Day of Judgment.  Yet, we should lovingly remind them that it is appointed for a man to die, then comes the judgement (Hebrews 9:27).  The look on his face indicated that as he walked off there was much on his mind to consider regarding his eternity.

“Joe’s Not Ready to Surrender” – Watch video of Joe’s conversation here


The god of Imagination

After Adam finished ministering to the couple at the prayer stand, I began to preach on the corner to a couple folks who were standing across the street. Within a few moments a man came walking by.  I asked him if he knew Christ as Savior.  At first he ignored me, but then responded when I asked a second time. His response, “I’m Roman Catholic, so that’s not good enough!”  After a brief exchange, he walked off only to return within about 5 minutes.  We spent the next 40+ min. ministering to him.

One of the most telling moments of our exchange was right after my GoPro camera’s battery died.  I switched over to recording on my phone.  Sadly, I missed a very telling expression.  When I mentioned that we must submit to God, his reaction confirmed everything I had discerned about the state of his soul.  He cringed and verbally lashed out exposing his prideful heart not willing to truly bend a knee to the King of kings and Lord of lords.

He claimed he loved God, but believed his works would get him in right-standing with God (a belief from Roman Catholicism).  As the conversation progressed, it was obvious that he did love god, but it was a god he had conjured up in his mind.  Additionally, he became frustrated when his views were challenged with the Word of God.  Eventually he came back and had one last conversation with me and walked off when, in God’s providence, I showed him he cannot get around God’s word.

“Pleasing the god of Imagination” – Watch full conversation here

“It’s Not About How You Feel” – Watch last 3 minutes of conversation here

Saying the Right Words

Our last conversation was led by Dylan. He was talking with a guy who identified as “Sky”.  Sky mentioned he enjoyed debating theology.  When Dylan asked which theology he believed to be true, he confirmed he believed Christianity was true.  We gave some exploratory questions and he seemed to know the right answers.  We pray that his assurance was real.

“Sky Knows Gospel Truths” – Watch Sky’s conversation here

All in all, it was a good evening of ministry.  Please keep us in your prayers as we continue in this work.

Soli Deo Gloria!