CLARKSBURG – Running on a skeleton crew of just brother Waylon and I, we setup and prepared for another evening of ministry in Glen Elk to see what the Lord would do.  Many of those loitering around the Clarksburg Mission entrances were not as interactive with us as previously experienced.  Nonetheless we readied the prayer stand, tracts, and Bibles.

A Universalist Returns

After about 10 minutes of settling in, Waylon prayed for me and I began preaching the Gospel from John 3:16-21.  As I preached, some left but many stayed.  In particularly, a young red-headed girl who appeared engaged in the message.  While I was preaching, I noticed a jailhouse “clergyman” named Howie, who we met a couple weeks prior (see his story here) that reveled he was a universalist, and aimed my message square at him as he passed by.  In God’s providence, I was at a point of the message where I was explaining the exclusivity of Christ as described in John 14:6.  I pressed that point excessively and the Spirit got Howie’s attention.  So much, that as I heralded the exclusivity of salvation through Christ and Christ alone he threw his hands up and walked off disgusted.

Jesse Considers the Gospel with Conviction

Despite Howie’s disapproval of the exclusivity of Christ and my standing on Scripture, it only caused the bystanders to tune in even more and draw more attention to the preaching of God’s perfect word.  I continued as the young girl and another older lady were obviously engaged.

After I completed my message, I didn’t even get my mic off my head before the young, red-head named Jesse was upon us.  She was very kind and soft-spoken.  She admitted she was not a Christian but wanted to know more about the Gospel.  So we continued to talk for almost an hour.  It was sobering to hear her admission of struggles with addiction.  More so, after hearing the Gospel message and beginning to come under conviction, she left telling me that she was going to leave the Mission and go back to another local town where she has family.  She admitted, “there’s too much temptation here for me…” and I encouraged her to consider the Gospel message she had heard and tried suggesting a good church in that town.  She did not balk at any of the message of law and grace.  Rather, she was just not sure she was ready to give up what she was in.  Please pray for Jesse.

A Cry for Help

Another young man we have ministered to before showed up again.  Waylon began ministering to him as I was finishing up with Jesse.  He broke down and explained his living situation and it was heartbreaking to say the least.  One of his parents has died and the other he lives with is abusive.  His age prevents him from being on his own.  This particular encounter highlights a deficiency in the local system to help young kids by providing a safe place for them in such situations.  We listened, offered comforting words, and prayed with him before we left

All in all, it was a good evening.  God continues to be faithful.

Soli Deo Gloria!