CLARKSBURG – It’s been a few weeks since our last weekly update.  However, AppalachiaCry’s weekly open-air ministry on the streets of Glen Elk is alive and well.  This week our time was limited due to pending rain, but beneficial nonetheless.  God continues to be faithful.

Plow, Plow, and Plow Some More

Adam continued conversation with a young lady we have been ministering to for a few weeks now.  I would liken this to the farmer who must continue to plow and plow the ground.  While she appears to be broken and affirming the Gospel truths she has heard, she hasn’t been broken enough.  That is, broken to the point beyond tears where she is genuinely experiencing Godly grief that may lead to repentance (2 Corinthians 7:10).  She is admittedly in an extra-marital affair and needs much prayer that God would completely break her to the point of salvation.  Pray she has no peace about her until she knows the Prince of peace.

Basking in God’s Greatness

I have been out for a couple weeks due to vacation one week and weather on another.  I was overwhelmed when I came across a man that we have ministered to several weeks ago.  He looked like a completely new man.  You see, several times when we ministered to him, he smelled of alcohol.  One morning, Waylon texted us that this man was seen in an alley “drinking his morning breakfast”.  Before I could respond, Waylon sent another text that he was being assaulted after being accused of stealing.  That was the last we saw of him for a few weeks.

Just before I left for vacation, we were pleasantly surprised that he had just completed a detox/rehab program.  Fast forward to this night and the first thing he said was, “I wondered where you have been. I’ve missed you.” What a blessing from our great Savior! He is not only sober, but working a job at the local mission.  I cannot wait to see how God will continue to move in his life.

A New Day Coming

Please keep our ministry in prayer as we will be meeting with the leadership of the Mission to discuss a transition plan for when the weather breaks for the Fall/Winter.  One challenge for the street evangelist in West Virginia is to be creative and find ways to continue sharing the Gospel when weather turns inclement.