CLARKSBURG – Our time on the streets in Glen Elk continues to be profitable as the Lord leads.  With the warm evenings going late into the summer, people will continue to gather around the outside of the local Mission.  As we setup, there was a handful of folks who did not appear to be interested in much conversation for the evening.

Leading the Lost

An undeniable truth is that “Gospel preaching leads to Gospel conversations”.  After about an hour, I broke the “silence” on the corner and began to preach from John 14:27.  The focus was to explain the peace that Christ can give but “not as the world gives”.  No sooner than I finished preaching, a young woman approached from across the street with her son.

Just about when I was ready to begin to pray and end the conversation, she made a remark that triggered me to reset into the Gospel.

I asked her if she had any questions or if there was some way I could pray for her.  We spoke for several minutes as she was explaining her situation and what she needed prayer for.  Just about when I was ready to begin to pray and end the conversation, she made a remark that triggered me to reset into the Gospel.

She remarked, “Well the second time I got saved…” A remark like this is usually indicative of cheap evangelism at work. Many people with her outlook have been walked through a prayer, filled out a card, raised their hand, walked an aisle, etc. They were given a false bill of goods and are the product of “decisional evangelism”.  This is all to common and many seeker friendly churches or the tent “revivals” that flood the country landscape this time of year.

This flu-shot “evangelism” is the opposite of we at AppalachicaCry Ministries believe and practice.  We believe it is better to use the law (Galatians 3:24) and grace and labor with a person until Christ be formed in them.  While we recognize God is sovereign and will save His elect, our desire is to lead the person to the foot of the cross of Christ no matter the cost.

I was able to walk the young lady through the Gospel, reinforcing the truths I’d had just preached on the corner.  After we finished another several minutes of conversation, I was able to pray for her, her son, and their situation.  Please keep Sarah in your prayers.

During this time, Adam, Dylan, and Waylon were able to have an encouraging conversation with a young man who was there.  He sometimes leads devotionals at the Mission.  They were able to have an edifying conversation about Gospel truths encouraging him.

Again, we ask for your prayers as we are in the process of planning to transition from our street model to an indoor Bible study when the weather breaks for the Fall season.

Soli Deo Gloria!