MORGANTOWN, WV – Our first game of November was a chilly one.  Woof. The cold temps were tolerable, but the wind was a beast. Yikes! I absolutely hate the cold, but love Jesus more. So onward we go with the Gospel.  The game was a sellout, but crowds were dismal.  But they came after all, just later than usual. I met up with Joseph, we prayed, and I started off the preaching.

Preaching WVU vs TCU game

Preaching to the crowds on a cold Saturday in Morgantown.

As the crowds grew, so did the level of objections to the preaching.  I continued preaching and then Joseph took to the box.  The crowds continued to grow, as the the objections to the preaching.  At one point, an angry man walked by and shouted at Joesph to “shut the F#@K UP!”  Almost immediately, a handful of Mountaineer fans verbally rebuked him to leave us alone.

After Joseph finished, I took to the box to finish out the day.  Our friend from earlier walked back by in the other direction, continuing to scream and yell at us.  As he approached us with a scowl on his face, a group in the crowd chastised him shouting, “YOU GO AWAY AND LEAVE THESE GUYS ALONE!”  It’s always something to see crowds police themselves like that.

Our time there was a typical Saturday at Milan Puskar stadium.  We left full with the sense of peace that some who heard the Gospel would have the words of life we preached bouncing around inside their heads and perhaps, by God’s grace turn to Him.

Soli Deo Gloria!