MORGANTOWN, WV – The fist outing of the year brought back the familar smells of tailgate barbeques and sounds of PA systems belting out just about every genre of music, including that of drunk fans who apparently missed their calling on The Voice (or more appropriately The Gong Show). And along with it comes fans from just about every walk of life.

The majority of the day was business as usual with the occasional “accidental” nudge as folks walked by with their emotional displeasure of hearing the Gospel manifesting itself into physicality. At one point, a gentleman from a RV tailgating across from me came over with a bottle of water saying, “You’re making me thristy just listening to you over the last hour…” You just never know who is listening as the Gospel is being preached. But you do know that it will not be for nothing (Is. 55:11).

Due to scheduling conflicts, I was at it alone and preached continually for about 2+ hours until kickoff. I did learn that when going out by yourself, one will grow more, as you see the reality of truly depending on God for strength and fellowship.

Soli Deo Gloria!