MORGANTOWN, WV – Sometimes being obedient to God is in direct opposition to what our flesh wants us to do. This was the reality for me on this cool morning before the Mountaineer game.

The day started with a scha-weet parking spot. Usually it’s a bit of a walk when you arrive closer to game time (as I was unavoidably detained that morning with another ministry endeavor). I hopped out, fired up the GoPro, strapped on the backpack, grabbed the hailer, and – wait… Where’s the steps? Then I remembered, “ the garage..” Ugh.

The steps are essential for a couple reasons. 1) They allow you to elevate to be seen (and actually a safey measure as you don’t get walked into by the large crowds moving together) and 2) they protect the hailer (put a black garbage bag over the hailer and have it below the steps). I setup with the hailer below the steps because it protects it from being knocked over by angry or drunk fans. Additionally, it keeps the audio down low so that it doesn’t ping folks in the ear and allows them to ask questions without being blasted in the face.

Nonetheless, I made the hour long drive and I wasn’t going to go home without doing something in the realm of evangelism. So off to the crowds with tracts it was. It ended up being a fruitful day as I gave out close to 1,000 Gospel tracts to the crowds and even saw some old friends who stopped by for a chat.

Soli Deo Gloria!