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2019 Winchester Pride Recap

WINCHESTER, VA - As society continues its downward spiral, it simply acts as an affirmation that God has judged it. As

2019 Winchester Pride Recap2019-08-28T20:40:20-04:00

2019 Kentucky Derby Recap

LOUISVILLE, KY - If one wonders about the merits of the claim of total depravity of man, he or she needs

2019 Kentucky Derby Recap2019-05-19T17:51:41-04:00

Sermon: Out of Order

LIFEBUILDERS FELLOWSHIP, WV – If asked, many professing Christians would confirm that you must believe before you can be born again.

Sermon: Out of Order2019-05-13T07:43:19-04:00

Sermon: Impostor

LIFEBUILDERS FELLOWSHIP, WV – What are the characteristics of a true believer vs. a false convert? How can John tell us

Sermon: Impostor2019-04-15T09:06:10-04:00

Sermon: God’s Unfailing Love

PROVIDENCE BAPTIST CHURCH, VA – Walking through Romans 8:31-39 for the Evening Service at Providence Baptist Church on Feb 3, 2019. Text:

Sermon: God’s Unfailing Love2019-02-27T00:21:52-05:00

Super Bowl 53: Recap

ATLANTA, GA - An estimated 1.6 million people were in and around the Atlanta-Metro area to take in the sights and

Super Bowl 53: Recap2019-02-27T06:59:56-05:00

Sermon: God’s Womb, Man’s Tomb

LIFE BUILDERS FELLOWSHIP CHURCH – Abortion is our modern-day holocaust. With millions of babies murdered to date, the church has not

Sermon: God’s Womb, Man’s Tomb2019-02-13T09:07:04-05:00

Super Bowl LIII Gospel Tract

Many churches seize the opportunity of the "Big Game" to offer a gathering place for congregations to come and watch the

Super Bowl LIII Gospel Tract2019-01-23T23:32:00-05:00
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